Christina Martinez
Director, Network Relations & NAC Liaison
Feeding America

This convocation forms an essential part of Centre’s annual Poverty and Homelessness Week and focuses on COVID-19 and Food Insecurity in the US. This year’s Poverty and Homelessness Week continues that emphasis with a week-long series of events highlighting food insecurity in the US in the age of a global pandemic. Christina Martinez, Director, Network Relations & NAC Liaison at Feeding America will present us with a national perspective on how the pandemic has affected reliable access to sufficient food nationwide. Martinez will examine sub-topics such as the increase in food insecurity, the high demand on food pantries, their effects on the food distribution system, and what these occurrences reveal about the U.S. economic system and how precarious it is for working people. At the end of Martinez’ speech, the audience will have 15 minutes to ask questions related to the topic at hand.

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About Feeding America

Feeding America is a domestic hunger-relief organization founded in 1979 to help solve the issue of food insecurity in the US by expanding access food banks in different parts of the country. The organization has currently impacted 40 million people who are at risk of hunger. Learn more about Feeding America here.

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